Author Bio

D.B. Jamison


D.B. Jamison was born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota. She received her B.A from Augsburg University in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the field of Economics and Business Administration, Graduate Studies at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities in Innovations in Multi-Cultural Teaching and Learning in Diverse Contexts, 2015.  Certified through the University of Boulder Colorado in The Teacher & Social Emotional Learning -SEL (2019), SEL for Students: A Path to Social Emotional Well-Being (2019), Teacher SEL: Programs, Possibilities, and Contexts (2019), and Expanding SEL (2019).

A Professional Cosmetologist and Secondary/ Post- Secondary Educator for the past 30 years, this wife and mother has seen her share of life’s ups and downs. This book came out of a sincere conversation with one of her sons, which simply started out with the old adage “shit happens”. Knowing how embarrassed and disappointed he was in himself, mom (D.B.) also knew how not forgiving the mistakes of the past can be extremely detrimental- to himself and everyone around him, if he let it get in the way of his dreams. Through the context of the book this mother of three had to reveal some of her own “shit” in the hopes of encouraging the incredible creativity, strength, and genius in her son. Now she hopes it inspires the same in you.